Monday, 18 October 2010

200 up .............

Rose-Coloured Starling.

A successful trip to Newhaven to see the adult Rose-Coloured Starling which was year tick number 199 , i saw lots of Meadow Pipits near the base of the cliff also there was a showy Rock pipit nearby , i walked / climbed up the cliff to view the hollow and within minutes i was enjoying really good views of this stunning bird , it was constantly eating the berries and then disappearing into the bushes out of sight then re appearing for another feed  .

Adult Rose coloured Starling.

 I decided to head off to Beachy Head after about an hour here , on the way back down the cliff i heard then saw a Wheatear which was quickly followed by another , i also saw a Redwing at this site . I arrived at Beachy head and the news was positive that the Pallas's warbler had been seen but was very elusive only showing every 1or 2 hours , I was with the gathered birders at the bottom of the wood which was very windy and although i could hear crests i was looking high up into the canopy , i decided to try my luck at the top of the wood looking down at the canopy , this proved to be a wise move as it was far less windy and abit warmer and within a couple of minutes i saw several Chiffchaff , then someone picked out the Pallas's Warbler which i quickly got onto and brought my year list to 200 , i only saw the Pallas's for a couple of seconds and the most outstanding feature was it glorious wing bars , quite simply stunning  , i would have liked a longer view and i did see it again very briefly ,  whilst i was there i had approx: 15 Brambling overhead which was year tick 201 , a very close view of a Sparrowhawk and approx 8 Fieldfares overhead were the first of the autumn for me , there were good numbers of House Martins overhead most of the time i was there with a few Swallows mixed in. 

Rose Coloured Starling.

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