Sunday, 9 January 2011

Northern Wonder

Northern Long Tailed Tit.

I had no plans to go out birding today but the lure of this delightful Northern Long Tailed Tit was to strong , i arrived at Dymchurch and joined the already gathered birders , it was proving elusive to find , i did see a female Merlin whilst i was waiting and then i noticed a few birders rushing over towards some trees , i soon joined them and it was not long until i got onto this northern wonder .

Good view of the under tail.

This is only a sub species of Long tailed tit but it was really stunning , white head, white under tail coverts , and much whiter wing coverts , it was keeping close company with a regular Long Tailed Tit and very good comparisons were made.

                                                               View of the wing coverts.

I watched this for about 10 minutes but the whole time it was keeping busy , moving around and was tricky to photo , eventually it moved of towards the church , there have been up to 5 birds seen here , i was completely satisfied with one , i also saw 1 Goldcrest and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers here.


I called into Fowlmead Country Park on the way home as the weather was much better today and i thought my chances of seeing the Waxwings were much higher , and on my arrival i first saw 4 or 5 birders and then i got onto the Waxwings in the top of some nearby trees , they were very vocal and a bit flighty , i counted 18 birds in total .

In flight.