Saturday, 12 February 2011

Oare Marshes

Male and female Pintail.

A couple of hours spent at Oare Marshes today was quite productive , i started of looking over the East Flood and soon encountered several Pintail quite close in plus most of the regular ducks were seen , huge numbers of Lapwing were present on the mud flats but not much else in the terms of waders .

More Pintails.

I made my way down to the car park and instantly heard a Cettis Warbler which was the first of my 3 year ticks this morning , making my way along the sea wall i encounted good numbers of Dunlin and Redshank with a small scattering of Grey Plover amongst them , Curlew and Oystercatcher were also added and several hundred Dark Bellied Brent Geese were seen on the Swale i also added approx 150 Avocets near the sea watching hide and there were 8 Common Seals out on the sand bar. 

I continued my walk past the sea watching hide and along Faversham creek not really adding much else other than a male Marsh Harrier drifting slowly over the East Flood spooking all the Lapwings and various ducks , this was followed by a fly over Grey Heron and then i heard then saw my second year tick of the day as 2 Bearded Tits flew over the nearby reed bed .

And i thought i need a haircut !!

This is what i look like after i have dipped !!!

I encounted the above cattle on my walk around past the back of the East flood hide and just could not resist a photo or two , i bumped into Murry Wright on my back towards my car and we exchanged notes and he kindly informed me of a Spoonbill on the other side of the Swale although a bit distant well worth a look , we said are goodbyes and of i went in my quest to see it , after about 15 minutes i managed to pick it out along side a Little Egret , the Spoonbill was my third year tick of the day and although it was very distant a much welcome bird and i then set of for home and a nice mug of coffee .