Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hoopoe brightens the Day

Lesser Whitethroat.

I headed to Holland Haven to try and see the male Subalpine Warbler that had recently turned up there , this bird had been very elusive for the best part of its stay and to the lucky few sometimes did show well , sadly I was out of luck with this bird , i managed a very brief view and by the time i said  " There it is  " it had disappeared out of sight again , i spent a good five hours on site and although it showed a couple of more times i never managed to see it again.

 There was  a superb  Pied Flycatcher and other birds seen here were : Reed Warbler , Blackcap , lots of Common Whitethroat plus a really smart looking Lesser Whitethroat  which every so often stuck its head out of the blackberry bushes , i also had several Yellow Wagtails fly overhead plus there were good numbers of Sand Martin and Swallow overhead.

Lesser Whitethroat .

From here i decided to head of to Farthing Downs in Surrey / London and after getting some local information, i arrived on site and within approx 15 minutes i was soon enjoying some stunning views of this really great Hoopoe. Here are some photos i took :


I watched the Hoopoe for approx 45 minutes but it was constantly being flushed by dog walkers who didn't seem to care that I was watching it and before i get a load of dog walkers moaning there were several paths they could have used and not make a be line for me , rant over ...

That said it was very enjoyable to watch in glorious sunshine in a meadow filled with flowers and butterflies which were mainly Meadow Brown and Small Heath , it was surprising how easily the Hoopoe almost disappeared in the grass , i did see it raise it crest once which was  a bonus , i have seen many Hoopoe over the years but get the same thrill as if it was my first every time i see one .