Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sandwich Bay Patch Tick.

1 of 5 Garganey at Restharrow scrape.

I headed over to Sandwich Bay today to try and catch up with the Common Cranes that had been seen around Worth marshes and after a short scan across the fields i picked them out in the distance , they were to far for a photo however Martyn Wilson has some good photos on his blog of these smart birds , here is the link : . Both of these birds are adults and i was told they were displaying earlier in the morning , that would have been nice to see , checking my records these are the first Common Cranes i have seen in the Sandwich area so that was an added bonus .

Drake Garganey .

After enjoying my fill of the Cranes i called into the small hide at Restharrow scrape and was delighted to see 5 Garganey (3 drakes and 2 female) , this are really excellent birds to see and they were over the other side of the scrape whilst i was there but still close enough to get a couple of record shots    there was a mixed bag of ducks here , Wigeon , Teal , Mallard and Shoveler were well represented with lesser numbers of Tufted Duck and Gadwall , also seen here were a couple of Little Grebes which showed well for the camera .

Little Grebe .

Did not add much more here although later a Caspian Gull and White Wagtail were seen here but i was long gone by then , still you cant get them all...... lol