Tuesday, 26 June 2012

White Storks in Lidsey

3 White Storks .

A trip to Lidsey on Sunday morning for the 3 White Storks that had settled down in a field near by proved very successful   , i had to go via B&Q as wellingtons were essential as the track to the viewing area was under water , these birds are probably the first wild White Storks i have seen in the UK , i have seen two individuals on separate occasions in Kent , one i know was an escape but the second bird i am not sure about .

One of the Storks taking off .

I watched them feeding very well on toads and frogs before they flew very low over the railway track into the next field , if a train came by at that point they would have been killed .

Two of the Storks just stood preening themselves while the third bird walked around disappearing at one point down into a ditch , really good birds to see , other birds of note in the area were Little Egret , Grey Heron and lots of Yellowhammer which was pleasing to see .

On its way to a ditch.