Monday, 1 July 2013

Bonapartes Gull at Oare.....Again

 Bonapartes Gull note the all black bill.

I met up with David Campbell and Joshua Burch at Oare Marshes yesterday 30th June and we were hoping to see the Bonapartes Gull as this would be a lifer for Joshua , well after a short while we picked out quite near the road , its been a couple of weeks since i last saw this bird and it has much more black colouration on the head .

Note the pink legs , ( dark red on Black .H.Gull ).

The Bonapartes Gull rested up on the spit near the pull in for a while preening , this is a really dainty looking gull and well worth a look if you have not been for it yet , hide tide is probably the best chance of seeing it as it roosts on the east flood.

Sedge Warbler.

This Sedge Warbler was singing and preforming well in a nearby hedge by the lay by , we decided to walk around to the west hide , just before we went Joshua picked out a really close Grey Heron .

Stunning Grey Heron.

And then David picked out 3 Sandwich Terns  flying overhead which were also new birds for Josh , we then walked around towards the west hide and met Murray on route and whilst chatting 7 full adult summer Med Gulls flew high overhead , there were plenty of Common Whitethroat in the area and then we saw a Hobby circling around and Murray pointed out a distant Peregrine on a pylon , we said are goodbyes to Murray and then headed to the hide and we did not really add anything from here and decided to head back to the east flood and do a circuit around  to see whats about .

Summer plumage Ruff .

We tried to relocate the stunning plumaged Ruff  we saw earlier and it had moved onto a small island in the middle of the flood , this is an amazing plumaged bird , there were 250+ Black Tailed Godwits on the flood with lesser numbers of Avocets which were well represented , there was a scattering of Redshank and Lapwing around and everywhere we looked there seemed to be Little Egrets , after a short stay in the hide on the east flood where we could here a Lesser Whitethroat calling behind the hide , on our way out David saw this really cute Greylag gosling all on its own near the hide .

Greylag gosling.

We headed around towards the sluice and along the creek , we added Marsh Harrier and another Med Gull flew over the flood , there were plenty of Bearded Tits around the fringes of the flood , the most i have seen here in awhile , we bumped into Chidders and whilst we talking he pointed out 2 more Hobby on the other side of the flood , we then carried on with our walk to the sea hide and back along the Swale adding plenty of birds as we went , we did see a probable Small Blue butterfly along the sea wall however it never stayed still long enough to be sure.
There were several Black Headed Gulls out on the exposed mud plus a couple of Curlew flew along before landing out of sight , then we were soon back at the cars and ended a really good birding session at Oare , like to thank to David and Joshua for their company this morning , and thanks Murray and Chidders for info shared.

This weeks Quiz is proving to be a real challenge with only 3 correct answers so far , don't forget you can have as many guesses as you want , so good luck and don't worry if you get it wrong i will only post names of correct guesses .