Thursday, 20 February 2014

Whale would you beleive it.......

Probable Sperm Whale on the  river Swale.

Sitting indoors rather bored when i checked twitter to find out a large unidentified Whale species had been stranded on the southern side of Sheppy and was viewable from the sea wall at Seasalter , so without haste i set of there to have a look for myself .

It didn't take me very long to locate this poor creature as it lay stranded in the river Swale , i couldn't tell if it was alive or dead from where i was standing as it was on the far side of the Swale , i have to say it looked lifeless to me , a few people on twitter have suggested this to be a Sperm Whale judging by the length and shape of the body plus its thin looking jaw , the tide was coming in so if it was / is still alive maybe this might help to save it .

Another record shot of the Whale.

I was pleasantly surprised by the huge numbers of wading birds here and i quickly added many species to my year list including : Bar Tailed Godwit , Curlew , Dunlin , Grey Plover , Knot plus approx 100 Dark Bellied Brent Geese and lesser numbers of Shelduck.

My Whale pics even made the news ;