Thursday, 22 May 2014

Baillon's Crake ....At Oare ....Patch Mega

Baillon's Crake showing well.

I received news this morning informing me that there is a Baillon's Crake calling and showing well on & off at Oare Marshes , so without haste i quickly got my birding gear together and headed off there , 20 mins later i was walking along the sea wall west of the car park and approaching the already assembled birders when i could hear it calling , fantastic now how long will i have to wait to see it ?? 

Best foot forward.

I spotted Murray W who found this bird and had a quick chat to get the info on its behaviour and its was not long after that i got my first glimpse of the Baillon's Crake just sitting inside of the reed bed .

Just about see it .

It was constantly calling at first and then went quite which was the best time to see it as it then moved along the reeds showing well at times . Here are a few pics that i managed when it came right out into the open .

This was a very welcome patch and year tick for me , a really stunning plumage on this bird the white flecks on its mantle always make me think  its been painted with tipex , it flew across the small dyke on a couple of occasions , hopefully it will stick around for more birders to see.