Friday, 26 September 2014

Afternoon visit to Dover

Comma on Cliff top.

On Wednesday afternoon the 24th Sept i teamed up with Chidders and visited Langdon in the hope of connecting with the rather elusive Ortalan Bunting , well to keep a long story short we didn't see it , which really wasn't such as a surprise as its been very elusive and wasn't seen at all the previous day , we did see several Yellowhammers and there was a constant stream of House Martins and Swallows migrating , we also saw a single Comma on the cliff top .

Black Necked Grebe having a stretch.

We then headed to Dover Harbour as Chidders was keen to see the Black Necked Grebe that was seen there the previous day , will it didn't take Chidders long to pick it out and we enjoyed some great views .

Looked like it was waving at us .

There were plenty of Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gulls around plus a few Turnstones and Rock Pipits.

Herring Gull.

It was a very clear afternoon and France was very visible today.

France in the background.


  1. Terrific pics Rob - love the Black Necked Grebe :-))

  2. Even in winter colours they look lovely. Nice shots mate ;)

  3. Great bird, summer plumage bird amazing!!!


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