Tuesday, 9 December 2014

First Record for Yorkshire ......... Blyth's Pipit

The flooded field where the Blyth's Pipit resides.

After a very depressing couple of days and feeling very low i got offered a lift to see the Blyth's Pipit which is a first record for Yorkshire and a fantastic find by patch watcher  Jonathan Holliday, plans were put into place to go on news of the bird being present this morning and sure enough it was again located at Calder Wetlands .

After an horrendous journey getting to the site  , the M25 was closed plus the never ending roadworks on the M1 caused me all sorts of delays , however i made good time and was on site at approx 2pm.

Birders hoping to hear and see the Blyth's Pipit.

I didn't have long to wait as an organised flush was put into motion and the Blyth's Pipit soon took to flight and that all important call was heard , it flew around us for about 30 to 40 seconds with a Meadow Pipit for company which gave a great size comparison , the Blyth's appearing more bulky and larger in appearance .

I saw the Blyth's Pipit in flight on  4 occasions and heard it call twice , sadly i never managed to get any photos of this very rare bird but there are some on the net that are worth a look .