Saturday, 7 March 2015

2 out of 3 ... Very Happy with That !!!

Iceland Gull juv. at Weybourne.

I headed out early early yesterday morning the 6th March and my quest was to try and see the Golden Pheasents in Norfolk as it has been a few years since i last clapped eyes on them , i left early and arrived on site at 8am and to keep a long story short 2 hours later no sign of them , it really is a hit or miss bird and maybe i should have tried to get there for first light , fingers crossed for next time .

Distant record shot of the Iceland Gull.

I had a set plan today and my next target bird was the juv Iceland Gull at Weybourne as this was also a year tick , well i made good time getting to Weybourne and as soon as i pulled up i was straight onto this delightful Iceland Gull which was just roosting in the middle of a ploughed field , i walked down the lane towards the sea and had slightly better views from here , the bird took to flight after about 20 mins and flew towards the sea and appeared to land out of sight .

Digi scoped photo of the Iceland Gull.

Time was getting on and i decided to head to Shoeburyness in Essex and try and see the two male Serins .

I arrived on site and noticed two other birders looking up into the trees , things were looking promising , and sure enough i could hear the Serins calling and they were flitting about in the trees & bushes showing well at times .

One of two male Serins.

I was enjoying these birds and talking to Andrew Armstrong who is the wildlife officer of this site and getting some very useful info from him about the birds behaviour , then the Serins appeared to disappear , Andrew said his goodbyes as it was his finishing time , as i was waiting for the Serins to return i noticed Andrew waving at me and pointing to the grass .

I quickly joined him by his van and then enjoyed some fantastic views of both male Serins feeding on the abundant plants around them.

Male Serin.

I did get some photos of both birds together but for some reason ( i had selected the wrong mode switch...Doh ) they came out totally white and blurry , still luckily i noticed this in time to get at least some photos of the Serins.