Saturday, 18 July 2015

Great Wader Session......... At Oare Marshes

Adult summer Little Stine.

I called into Oare Marshes yesterday afternoon the 17th to try and see the reported Curlew Sandpipers , waders are one of my fave family of birds , i started birding at Pegwell Bay back in the early eighties and waders were very much the first species that got me hooked.

Anyway i digress , getting back to yesterday i parked up in the pull in by the East Flood and i had managed to get the tide right as it was fully in and the Flood was alive with wading birds , checking out the close birds first i straight away picked up a stunning adult summer plumaged Little Stint which was my first of the year.

Little Stint.

I then checked out the large Black Tailed Godwit flock and then started to see the smaller Curlew Sandpipers running around beneath them also several Dunlin were keeping them company , i counted 9 adult summer Curlew Sandpipers in all their finery.

Adult summer Curlew Sandpiper.

They were a bit distant for a photo but great scope views were obtained , as i was scanning through the waders Geoff Burton come over and started to scan through the waders to , good to meet you Geoff.

Bar Tailed Godwit & Whimbrel.

We were picking out waders  right, left and center and i personally totalled 16 different species , the water levels seem ideal at the moment with plenty of exposed mud.

Two Bar Tailed Godwits plus a single Whimbrel were seen , Greenshank , Ruff & 3 Ringed Plover were all added , we walked around past the hide to view the wader flock from a different angle and it didn't take Geoff long to pick out a smart Spotted Redshank and then soon after i added a second bird.

Whimbrel .

We then headed back to the road were Geoff picked out two Garganey and then went off to check the pool on the West flood. 

Two Garganey.

I had another scan through the waders plus checked out the Gulls for the Bonaparte's without success , i bumped into Frank Cackett by the pull in who also was looking for the Bonaparte's , luckily i walked a bit further down and looked from  a different angle and eventually picked out the Bonaparte's Gull sleeping , a quick shout and Frank was soon on the bird.

 Bonaparte's Gull in the company of Black Tailed Godwits. .

Bonaparte's Gull.

I also saw a distant Common Sandpiper at the back of the pool which was a welcome year tick , by this time Geoff had rejoined us by the road and told us he had seen six Green Sandpipers on the road side pool on the West Flood, time was getting on and i had a quick look over the West flood and managed to connect with one of the Green Sandpipers .

Green Sandpiper.

The above photo was taken on the East Flood last week , a really enjoyable birding session .

Of note on Wednesday 15th July on my way to Margate  i saw a Quail fly up from a field near the Roman Galley and then fly low across the Thanet Way towards Marshside . 

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