Thursday, 10 September 2015

Barred Warbler at .... Stanwell Moor in Surrey

1st winter Barred Warbler.

 I set off  on Tuesday 8th September and i headed to Stanwell Moor in Surrey which is just off the M25 , i left at approx 5am to try and beat the traffic which proved a wise move as i reached Stanwell Moor at approx 6am .

Big bulky warbler.

I made my way around to the Moor and instantly heard then saw 6 Ring Necked Parakeets as they flew quite high over head , not entirely sure of the area to look for the Barred Warbler so i ventured off just checking all the hawthorn bushes (and there were plenty , however apparently this particular warbler did have a favoured group of hawthorns where it spent all it's time ,

These Blackberries look good enough to eat.

I then made my way over to roughly the area  when i spotted another birder , who said that this was the favoured area , now i just need the bird to play ball , there were other birds to keep me interested , and a small party of warblers were busy feeding on another hawthorn and they included 5 Blackcaps ( 3 males & 2 females) , 2 Lesser Whitethroats , 2 Common Whitethroats , 3 Willow Warblers & 1 Sedge Warbler .

There were good numbers of Goldfinches at least 50 birds , plus a Kestrel was quite close to me even landing on the favoured hawthorn bush , then after nearly 3 hours i connected with the 1st winter Barred Warbler , this was  a very welcome year tick for me.

Barring on undertail coverts.

Barred Warbler.

Really enjoyed watching this bird , it was well worth the wait as when it did show it showed really well , even having a snooze in the sunshine , here is a short video of the Barrede Warbler.

The Kestrel actually landed on the hawthorn bush again whilst the Barred Warbler was in it and i could hear the alarm call , pretty sure that's the first one i have heard !?

Other birds of note were Hobby , Whinchat and Little Egret , another really enjoyable birding session .