Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Two trips to Norfolk in 3 Days ..........Phew !!

                                                            13th October

Red Flanked Bluetail lovely orange flanks.

 On Tuesday the 13th October i went for a days birding on the North Norfolk coast , i started of at Holkham woods and managed to see the Red Flanked Bluetail , cracking looking bird but was a bit camera shy , the photos above & below are of one i saw in Norfolk in 2013.

Red Flanked Bluetail flashing it's blue tail.

There were lot's of Goldcrests all around  , impossible to count but in excess of 100+ i would say, i saw a Brambling high up in a tree plus several Redwings flying overhead , i tried to see the Dusky Warbler but that was very elusive and i only managed to hear it on 3 occasions.

Isabelline Shrike.

I then headed to Beeston near Sherringham to see the very obliging Isabelline Shrike , and indeed it was very obliging , constantly catching Bee's and either eating or impaling them on thorns , such a great bird to observe.

Isabelline Shrike .

I then heard news of a Blyth's Reed Warbler at Well's Wood so headed off there , well after an hour of looking and fading light i had no joy so decided to head home happy with what i did see , Norfolk never disappoints.

15th October 

I headed back up to Norfolk on Thursday 15th October as i wanted to try and see the Blyth's Reed Warbler that i failed to see on the Tuesday , so of i set early and arriving at Well's Wood at approx 8am , only two other birders on site , well it only took a matter of minutes before one of the other birders got onto the Blyth's Reed Warbler , once again only several brief views of the bird but it did show well for a few seconds and even called approx 3 times , sadly no photo's , whilst watching this hard to see bird a fantastic Pallas's Warbler made an appearance , absolutely cracking looking bird , yellow central crown stripe boarded by yellow supercillium, bright yellow rump , even hovering at one point , real star quality bird , once again i never managed a photo but just enjoyed watching it !! 

Isabelline Shrike eating a Bee.

I had a great birding session at Well's wood and decided to have another look at the Isabelline Shrike at Beeston as you don't always get the views as good as this one.

Looking for it's next victim.

Isabelline Shrike.

Then it was time to head home , another cracking trip .

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