Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mourning Dove on Shetland

Mourning Dove at Lerwick on Shetland.

On Saturday the 9th January i  headed to Shetland to try and see the Mourning Dove. 

Tail is very pointed.

I arrived on site and explored the likely areas the Dove has been but without success , however there were plenty of  Collared Doves around so i was fairly confident it would still be here.

Very small compared to Collared Doves.

Eventually some other birders turned up with one of the local birders who had permission to access the favoured garden through the owners garage , i was duly invited to join them and there it was coming down to feed and also perching out in the open , Mourning Dove in the bag.

All fluffed up.

Black spotting & blue eye ring.

Size comparison next to a Starling.

                                                                       Having a good feed.

Mourning Dove.

A really enjoyable birding adventure .