Friday, 3 June 2016

Two New Kent Birds....... Both at Dungeness

Laughing Gull  flying off west.

On 26th May news broke of a Laughing Gull at Dungeness showing well ,  i wasted no time and headed there , it was roosting on the Power station roof when i got there so only limited viewing at first , eventually it got up and flew west and looked like it just kept on going.

Eventually it re appeared over  'The Patch' feeding among hundreds of gulls & terns and eventually landed in the power station compound where great views were obtained.

Really striking white eye crescents.

Flying into the compound.

Distinctive upper wing pattern.

Laughing Gull.

Eventually it flew out of the compound right over our heads and back to the 'Patch'.

Heading straight for me.

Flying over the Patch.

This was a new bird for my Dungeness & Kent list , i also saw & heard on Saturday the 28th May a Common Rosefinch which was also a new Dungeness & Kent bird , sadly i never managed any photo's of this bird.