Friday, 26 January 2018

Trip to Surrey ...Plus more Kent Birding

                         25th January   :  Staines Reservoir 
American Horned Lark.

An American Horned Lark had been first seen last year at Staines Reservoir and i attempted to see it only to miss it by a day and it was not seen again , however a keen eyed local birder re-located the American Horned Lark last week at the same site (where has it been for the last couple of months ??).

Lovely yellow throat patch.

So yesterday the 25th January i teamed up with RR and we headed to Staines reservoir and this time we had wonderful views of this cracking American passerine which is quite different in appearance to the regular Shorelark we get in this country.

Bold white supercillium.

The American Horned Lark is classed as a sub species but hopefully in time it will be credited with full species status , either way it was great to see and a cracking looking bird.

American Horned Lark.

22nd January :  New Hythe &  Sheppy

Female Scaup.

On the 22nd January i called into New Hythe hoping to see the wintering female Scaup , last week when i dipped it there was only 10 Tufted Duck on Abbey mead but on the 22nd there was over 200 and the Scaup was happily amongst them.

Digi scoped Scaup.

A walk along the river and back past Brooklands didn't produce much more although a male Siskin in with the Goldfinch flock was great to see plus i also heard a Cetti's Warbler.

Male Siskin.

From here i headed to Sheppy to look through the large Skylark flock at Shellness in the hope of catching up with some Buntings which have been seen with them.

I had a very brief view of a possible Lapland Bunting but it was far to brief to be 100% sure but i did clearly see 2 Snow Buntings which really stood out in flight.


There were huge numbers of Sanderling, Turnstone & Redshank on the tide line with smaller numbers of Grey Plover & Knot.


Dark Bellied Brent Geese were gathering in large numbers plus there were at least 14 Red Throated Divers on the sea , i also saw a Short eared Owl perched on a post.

Short eared Owl.