Monday, 14 September 2020

Top Kent Birding ......

                                       September  1st   : Oare Marshes


                      American Golden Plover photo by AE

On the 1st September i joined AE at Oare marshes in the afternoon to check the waders on a rising tide, we had already seen 6 juv Curlew Sandpipers & 1 juv Little Stint amongst 100's of waders , they were all flushed by a Common Buzzard and we noticed  a small flock of  approx 20+ European Golden Plovers flying around the East flood with 100's of other waders .

AE soon went through them and picked out the American Golden Plover which was a really great find , we believe this is a returning bird and was first seen in 2018 , but this date is the earliest it's been recorded at Oare Marshes , (Oct 2018 & 7th Sept 2019).


Grey Underwing seen in flight, Photo by AE.                                    

Broad white supercilium & dark cap obvious at rest. 

Many thanks to AE for the use of his photos and once again congratulations on a great find.

                            September 6th :  Swalecliffe  

So on a  Sunday morning at approx 7am i was stood by the football pitch at Swalecliffe, joined by AE, SA & 2 other birders i don't know , we waited patiently in the hope the Wryneck would appear , anyhow at about 8.05am one of the birders i don't know called us all over and thankfully the Wryneck put on a wonderful show.



Wryneck looking for Ants.  

Many thanks to the guys who birdwatch this area ie : GB , AT  et all, they do a great job watching this site in difficult circumstances (if you been to the site you know what i mean), but they always share there finds with everyone which i for one certainly appreciate . 

           September 6th  :  My Garden     

After the excitement of seeing the Wryneck at Swalecliffe i went home and spent an hour or so in my back garden and was delighted to see & hear  10+ Siskin fly over and they become the 60th bird species seen in or from my garden.

September 10th :  Worth Marshes

On Thursday 10th i paid a visit to Worth marshes in the afternoon and had some really great views of the 2 juv Pectoral Sandpipers which have been visiting a small pool by the Great Wood, here are a small selection of photos i took (all digi scoped).

Both Pectoral Sandpipers together.

Pectoral Sandpiper with a Ruff.

Pectoral Sandpiper.

Many thanks to Andrew.L. who found these superb birds plus gave me some onsite directions, much appreciated.



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