Thursday, 14 February 2013

Owls , Owls , Owls.

I have seen lots of Owls in the last couple of weeks whilst out driving at work , in late January i saw a Tawny Owl near junction 9 Leatherhead , fly across the motorway and land in some trees , this was quite a brief sighting but made a dull day bright , on the 7th  February i was treated to an amazing sight of a Long Eared Owl just past Clackett Lane Services and just past the " Welcome to Kent " sign at 7 am , it drifted right in front of my lorry quite close and then out of sight over the hedge row.

A bit further round the M25 between junction 28 and 27 i saw a Barn Owl drifting over the golf course also on the 7th February ,

On the 11th  February i was on my way to do some farm deliveries along the A251 near Faversham when i saw a Little Owl once again fly across the road in front of me and  i added another Barn Owl on the 12th flying along side the A27 near Brighton , so even though i find my job very tedious i do get one or two surprises now and again.