Saturday, 3 August 2013

Just a bit of Fun Quiz week 7 Last weeks Answer and New Pic

Male Blue Winged Teal and Female Shoveler.

Indeed last weeks main " Mystery Bird " was a male Blue Winged Teal and a very big well done to all of you who got the correct answer and they where :

Ellis Lucas,  Ephraim Perfect , Martyn Wilson ,  Chidders , Mick Davis , Ben Moyes and Peter .D.

And also a very well done to Ben Moyes  who also named the female Shoveler too.

Unlucky to those with the wrong answers , and many thanks to everyone who had ago .

Here is this weeks " Mystery Bird "

Mystery bird ???

I will post the answer next Saturday and i will only post the names of correct entries so dont worry if you give the wrong answer no one will know , you can have as many guesses as you like and remember its only a bit of fun , good luck and thanks for having ago .