Sunday, 11 August 2013

Patch and Year Tick at Oare Marshes

Huge numbers of Black Tailed Godwits. 

I had another very enjoyable birding session at Oare Marshes this morning and my primary target was Temminck's Stint which was seen yesterday , i parked up near the slip way and made my way back towards the east flood noting several Little Egrets as i went , there were huge numbers of Black Tailed Godwits  on the flood which i would estimate in the region of 2000+ birds .
I spoke to a couple of birders and they said it was seen earlier but not for a couple of hours , i then walked around to the hide where i met up with Steve Ashton and Adam , who informed me it was seen in the small pool west of the road .

Golden Plover in various states of plumage.

We made our way back down the road and bumped into Chidders , whilst we were chatting an Egret caught my eye flying away from us fairly high and i noted it seemed to have dark feet however i could not get anything else on the bird , another birder felt sure it was the Cattle Egret and to honest it could have been however non breeding Little Egrets feet can appear very dark especially at distance so for me this will have to go down as a possible and no more.
There were lots of waders on the flood including 3 Curlew Sandpipers in with the Godwits plus Dunlin , Avocet  and Redshank were well represented .

Record shot of Temminck's Stint.

I then said my goodbyes and headed to the sea wall to try and see this Temminck's Stint , well i put in quite a bit of time here and the Stint was not playing ball however both Greenshank and a single juv. Ruff were seen from here , i was chatting with another birder when we were waved at by some other birders from the road , when i joined them they said they had just had the Stint right at the back of the pool which was not viewable from the sea wall , well after about 15 mins it flew out of the pool and circled around and landed again out of sight , i was very pleased to see it as it was both a new patch tick as well as a welcome year tick .

After another 30 mins the Temminck's Stint had still not appeared although i did see a Little Ringed Plover whilst i was waiting , i decided to head off and join with Chidders and gang and i added a few butterflies to my days trip including a single Clouded Yellow although there were more around , after a while we all decided it was time to head off and Chidders and myself had one last look for the Temminck's Stint and to my delight i got some great views through the scope and then went home very happy.