Sunday, 10 November 2013

Just a bit of Fun Quiz Week 19 Answer plus new " Mystery Bird "

Week 19 Bird was a male Stonechat.

Last weeks Mystery bird was indeed a male Stonechat that i saw in Dorset last year , a very big well done to those with the right answer and they were :  Martyn Wilson , Ellis L , Ben M , Mark Lewis ,  and Jonathan. F. 

Unlucky to those with the wrong answer , its just a bit of fun and thanks for having ago to everyone .

Here is this weeks "Mystery Nest " , yes you have read it right lol , i thought i would try something different again , all you need to tell me is what bird nests in it ??? ,  so here it is :

Week 20 " Mystery Nest " ?????

I will give you all a clue , this picture was taken in the Uk , you get a bonus mention if you can name the place it was taken .

Just leave your answers in the comments and i will reveal the answer and correct entries next Weekend