Saturday, 30 November 2013

Just a bit of Fun Quiz Week 22 Answer Plus " New Mystery Bird "

American Robin in Devon 2010.

Indeed last weeks " Mystery Bird " was a American Robin which i saw in 2010 in Devon , i never managed a decent photo of this bird as it was always quite distant and the weather was awful ( that's my excuse and i am sticking to it ) .

American Robin St.Agnes 1998.

Here is a better photo of an American Robin that i saw in 1998 on St.Agnes .

Anyway i digress , if i was wearing a hat i would take it off to all the correct entries this week , i only expected 1 or 2 correct answers so i am very impressed with the amount of people who got it right and you are : Ellis L , Matthew B , Findlay W , Chidders , Steve Ashton , Marc Heath , Martyn Wilson , Jason Ward & Mark Lewis .

Unlucky to those with the wrong answer , it was a really tricky photo , many thanks to all who had ago .

Here is this weeks " Mystery Bird " , if you fancy ago just leave your answer in the comments and remember you can have as many guesses as you like , i will reveal the correct answer and entries next weekend .

Week 23 " Mystery Bird " ?????

Good luck everybody .