Sunday, 9 March 2014

Just a bit of Fun Quiz Week 32 answer plus new " Mystery Bird "

Black Crowned Night Heron 

Last weeks " Mystery Bird " was indeed a Black Crowned Night Heron which i saw in Hampshire in 2011 , there were no wrong answers this week so well done to everyone who took part and they were : Mark L, Mark Lewis , Martyn Wilson , Eunice Horspool , Mike .H. , Ben M , Matthew B , Dave Dowell and Ellis L ( who had several photos published this week in the Yorkshire wildlife Trust magazine , well done mate ).

This weeks " Mystery bird " is going to be a tough one so good luck to everyone who has ago , just leave your answer in the comments or DM on twitter @RobsBirding.

Week 33 " Mystery Bird " ???????

You get a bonus point if you can name the " race " of this species . You can have as many guess's as you like .