Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ring Necked Parakeet & Hume's Warbler in Ramsgate

Ringed Necked Parakeet at Ramsgate cemetary.

I thought i would try out my new camera today at Ramsgate cemetary and i was quite pleased with the results , i was also hoping to see the over wintering Humes Y B Warbler having missed it on two previous attempts , and as we all know  birding sometimes you have to work for your birds and another time they just appear.

Well today as i was attempting to get some pics of the Parakeets the Hume's warbler just appeared in the top of the canopy , i saw the wing bars and supercillium straight away , it only called twice and was spending most of its time in the canopy , still i was very happy to finally see it . I n the pic below you can just make out one of the wing bars.

Record shot of the Hume's Warbler .

I had some great views of the Ring Necked Parakeets today otherwise it was a fairly quite birding session.