Sunday, 20 July 2014

Just a Bit of Fun Quiz Week 50 Answer

Week 50 Photo 1 : Little Bunting 

Week 50 Photo 2 : Griffon Vulture.

As last weeks Just for Fun quiz was week 50 and my final quiz i used 2 photo's and well done to all those with the correct answers .

 Photo 1 was a Little Bunting that i saw on Shetland in 2011 and Photo 2 was a Griffon Vulture that i saw this year in Spain.

A very big well done to : Ellis L , Ben M , Toby C , Mark Lewis and Chidders for all getting the correct answers.

Unlucky to those with the incorrect answer thanks for having ago.

So that's it folk's for now , i might start the quiz up again sometime in the future , i would just like to say a very big thank you  to everyone who has taken part and hope you enjoyed it as much as i have.