Monday, 28 July 2014

Pacific Golden Plover at Drayton Basset

Pacific Golden Plover .

  Yesterday  the 27th July i took  a 3 hour drive to Middleton Lake Rspb reserve and my target bird was the adult Pacific Golden Plover which would be a lifer ,  it was an approx  15 to 20 mins walk to the site , thankfully i did not have to long to wait as the PGP kept popping it's head up and although not ideal viewing at least i could see it and hope for better views .

Just about see it in the undergrowth.

It was quite distant but through the scope it wasn't to bad , eventually during my time here it came right out in the open , it spent most of its time among Lapwing's which quite often chased it off.

Digi scoped pic in heat haze.

Face on .

I saw the PGP in flight on a couple of occasions and the under wing colour being one of the key features was duly noted , it's overall structure was a smaller version of European Golden Plover , longer legged which was quite evident , white forehead extended down to the bill , narrow white flanks , a really smart bird to see .

Other birds of note here were several Common Terns , Swallows and a single Little Ringed Plover , i spent most of my time trying to get better views of the PGP , there were several Speckled Wood butterflies on my walk through the woods which were good to see.