Monday, 4 August 2014

Bee-eaters & Stilt's now Breeding in the UK

European Bee-eater on Isle of Wight.

On Saturday the 2nd August my  destination was the Isle of Wight to try and see the recently revealed breeding Bee-eaters , i got an early ferry from Portsmouth and reached my destination near Niton at approx 7.30am , i set up my scope near the viewing area the Natural trust / RSPB  had set up to restrict any disturbance to the birds and sure enough after approx 20 mins  the first  Bee-eater made an appearance .

1 of 3 Bee-eaters seen.

These are really stunning birds to see and was a very welcome year tick , i never tire of seeing these delightful birds . they were  actively  catching bee's & dragonfly's , i saw 3 adult birds together at one point although there were 4 birds seen together later in the day.

Tasty looking dragonfly.

The weather become overcast and then it started to rain and the Bee-eaters had departed to get some shelter so i headed off to try and see some Red Squirrels at Alverstone Mead reserve  , what a great reserve it was to , on my walk to the hide i saw a very close Common Buzzard.

Common Buzzard

Having a preen.

I also heard Spotted Flycatcher and Grasshopper Warbler before i reached the hide and then it was Red Squirrel time , absolutely stunning views of these fantastic critters , they were not bothered by my presence at all and even went inside of the hide to gobble up on the food left out for them , here are just a small selection of pics.

I can see you.

Cracking Red Squirrel.

So agile.

Bushy tail.

Young one .

I really enjoyed seeing these and wanted to take one home lol , the weather cleared up and i headed back to have another look at the Bee-eaters before catching the 4 pm ferry back to Portsmouth , what a great trip and it wasn't over yet , i got back in good time and called into Siddlesham Ferry to try and see the family of Black Winged Stils that had recently breed in West Sussex and was not disappointed .

One of the 3 youngsters 

Coming into land.

All 5 birds in flight.

Having a feed .

These are great birds to watch and i have been very lucky to be able to witness such a success story in two very rare breeding birds in the UK .

I had a quick look around Church Norten and added several Whimbrel and a couple of Med Gulls to my trip list then time .