Saturday, 16 August 2014

Local Twitch at Swalecliffe

Record shot of the Terek Sandpiper.

I was just getting my birding gear together to pop over to Oare Marshes when i got a phone call  informing me that a TEREK SANDPIPER had been found at Swalecliffe which is only about 10 mins from where i live , so without haste i headed there and met up with Chidders & Martyn Wilson along side other local Kent birders and enjoyed distant but great scope views of this cracking wader.

Terek Sandpiper having a rest.

You could clearly see the slightly upturned bill and the dark stripe on the coverts , the orange-yellow legs were quite noticeable to.

I have been lucky enough to have now seen Terek Sandpipers and 2 of them have been seen in Kent , the last one being on Sheppy in 1998. 

Another record shot .