Saturday, 18 October 2014

Looking for Owl's at Elmley NNR


I decided to try my luck and search for the roosting Long Eared Owls at Elmley nnr today and on route to the reserve i saw this delightful Wheatear on the access track , it was also in the same area when i made my return journey.

There were no other birders around so i had the whole orchard to myself to search for these birds , i walked down the path alongside the orchard and checked likely looking trees that they might roost in , however the first bird i found was a Barn Owl.

Rear view of the Barn Owl.

Barn Owl.

Well hidden.

Great start and a welcome year tick , i retraced my steps checking the trees again when i found my target bird , a really well hidden Long Eared Owl.

Long Eared Owl , honest!!!

I then soon saw the second bird which was less obscured but still well hidden .

2nd Long Eared Owl.

Really pleased to see these birds and they were a very welcome year tick , i watched these birds for a while then left them in peace , of note there were several Red Admirals around the orchard.

One of several Red Admirals.

On my return journey down the access track i saw a distant female Merlin plus Mute Swan , Little Grebe , Little Egret , Grey Heron and a large number of Lapwing .

Very close Lapwing.

Great colours on these birds.

Two distant female Marsh Harriers and a distant calling Corn Bunting which remained unseen made for a very good birding session.