Sunday, 12 October 2014

Norfolk Shrikes Gold ......... Plus Tawny Pipit in Newhaven

Steppe Grey Shrike.

An early morning trip to Burnham Norton in Norfolk yesterday morning the 11th October  proved very successful with excellent views of the Steppe Grey Shrike which was a lifer   , the Shrike showed fantastically well most of the time i was  there , here are a few of the photos i took :

Awesome tinge to plumage.

Eating a meal worm.

Pale base to bill.

Awesome wing & tail markings.

Fierce looking.

Torpedo flight.

I watched this awesome bird for over an hour as it fed on meal worms and beetles , other birds of note in the area were huge skeins of Pink Footed Geese . unfortunately time was against me today so i headed back to  Tide Mills near Newhaven and had excellent views of Tawny Pipit which was a very welcome year tick for .

Showed really well.

Dark lores.

Taking off.

I also had a Raven pass overhead " Conking as it went " .