Saturday, 24 January 2015

Night Heron .... Nickoll's Quarry

Juvenile Night Heron.

I gave into temptation yesterday the 23rd January and went to Nickoll's quarry in Hythe to have a look at the Juvenile Night Heron that had first been reported early January , i was a bit concerned about going there as other birders had en counted a very aggressive bailiff who has been patrolling the site as parts of it are private areas .

Apparently  he has even threatened some birders with a gun !!!   However i never encounted this guy and had no problems at all , i parked near the Solway garden centre along Burmarsh road and walked south down the public foot path  and crossed the railway crossing , walked right about 50 meters and viewed the bird from the green trailer .

Obscured Night Heron.

The Night Heron was mostly obscured looking through the branches of it's favoured tree but decent views all the same .

Lovely markings on this bird.

I didn't see much else from here so headed of to check out the Purple Sandpipers along Western Parade but couldn't find any , however i got a close view of this Carrion Crow .

Carrion Crow.

There is also a new video of the Night Heron on my YouTube channel , the link is on the top right of my blog.


  1. Crazy looking things, no neck at all. Like Gladstone Small the cricketer

    1. Haha they really are , great comparison


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