Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bonaparte's Gull ..... At Oare Marshes

Bonaparte's Gull.

Yesterday the 8th July i heard news that the adult Bonaparte's Gull had returned to Oare Marshes for it's fifth summer in a row !!!!

When i got there and parked up in the pull-in i quickly scanned the East flood and saw the Bonaparte's Gull quite close in , i took several Digi scoped photos and videos for my records , really pleased to see this cracking bird and it had returned on the exact same date as last year.

Slight moult around base of bill.

Bright red legs.

After a preen the Bonaparte's Gull decided to have a rest and promptly found a comfortable place to roost amongst the numerous Black Headed Gulls .

Bonaparte's Gull.

I had quite an interesting chat with fellow local birders about where the Bonaparte's Gull goes for the rest of the year when it's not here , several theories were suggested including maybe it is one of the wintering birds from elsewhere in the Country or perhaps it has come in from France or Holland , the Black Headed Gull numbers had certainly increased since my last visit here on the 6th July and i would think it has come in with them from a colony somewhere.

I guess that's one of the many magical things about nature it's always throwing up questions and mysteries .

There were several really smart looking Med Gulls on the East Flood plus at least 3 Common Gulls.

2 Adult Med Gulls.

Med Gull.

3 Common Gulls.

There was the usual large numbers of Black Tailed Godwits & Avocets plus 2 Ruff & 1 Reeve and a brief view of a single Little Ringed Plover.

There were plenty of Bearded Tits including 4 birds on the far side of the East Flood on the mud presumably feeding on windswept seeds of the mud.