Saturday, 1 July 2017

Grove Ferry & Oare Marshes

                                               30th  June  :  Grove Ferry

Young Bearded Tit.

Yesterday the 30th June i headed over to Grove Ferry to try and see the Red Footed Falcon , as i walked along the entrance track i could instantly hear a superb Turtle Dove 'purring' , a Chiffchaff was 'chiff chaffing' from a high perch and a Lesser Whitethroat was 'rattling' from somewhere unseen , a great start .

I made my way around towards Harrisons and spoke to another birder who gave negative news on the RFF , but it was still fairly early so it probably was still roosting (my logic for what it's worth).

Anyhow i decided to wait where i was in the hope the RFF would appear , whilst i was waiting i had superb views of a young Bearded Tit.

Bearded Tit.

Whilst i was talking to a good birding mate of mine he noticed the Red Footed Falcon flying low and then out sight (it had woke up) , we walked further along towards the Marsh hide and then relocated the RFF on a bush.

1st summer male Red Footed Falcon.

We got some other birders onto it before it flew further away and then landed on a different bush , this was pretty much the pattern of this bird , it often spent ages perched and every now and again would have a fly around catching dragonflies.

Record flight shot of RFF.

Red Footed Falcon.

This is a superb looking bird and in the right light the colours were amazing, i watched the RFF for well over an hour however sadly the light was not very good for photos (that's my excuse anyway) .

Of note i did see at least 5 Norfolk Hawkers which were a new dragonfly species for me.

                                            23rd June  :  Oare Marshes


On the 23rd June i spent a couple of hours at Oare Marshes and was pleased to see an immature Spoonbill  roosting on the East flood , the high tide wader roost wasn't that impressive to be honest with only the usual Black Tailed Godwit , Avocet & Redshank in good numbers , i did see a single Knot .

Spoonbill near the sluice.

I walked around to the South east corner of the flood hearing a 'Purring' Turtle Dove as i went past the paddocks , the Spoonbill seemed to have followed me as it went onto the small island near the sluice and went to sleep.

I checked out some more waders from this view point and was pleased to see 3 Spotted Redshanks in summer plumage.

1 of 3 Spotted Redshanks.

I was also very pleased to see fairly well grown Avocet chicks.

2 Avocet chicks.

There very good numbers of Common Swifts flying over the East flood and i once again tried to get some photos.

Common Swift.