Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Great Grey Shrike .......Finally at Chilham

Great Grey Shrike at Chilham.

I popped over to Chilham in Kent yesterday in the hope of seeing the Great Grey Shrike and to keep along story short after spending 3 hours dodging heavy rain showers and hunters carrying large shot guns i drew a blank , although it was good to meet up with some Kent birders .

Digi scoped photo of the GGS.

So today i tried my luck by getting to the site by 9.30 am and saw the GGS straight away as i made my way to the little bridge which is probably the best place to see the bird , what a difference a day makes , really pleased to connect with this bird , i have been lucky enough to have seen 3 of these this year but this one was by far the closest one out of the 3.

On telegraph wire.

Spreading its wings.

The above photo is not the best but wanted to show it's large white wing patches , the GGS perched up in a berry bush for awhile.

Distant pic of the GGS in berry bush.

A really cracking bird to see and if it over winters on this site i can see me having one or two more visits.