Sunday, 23 November 2014

Green-Winged Teal at Grove Ferry

Green Winged Teal from the Ramp.

A really wet and dull day was brightened up by the news of a partial eclipse Green Winged Teal showing from the ramp at Grove ferry this morning , a really great find by Martyn Wilson and many thanks for the info from both  Chiddy and Martyn , 

Prominent white crescent on flanks.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos which were all digi scoped , the light conditions and rain are my excuse and i am sticking to it lol .

Lacks most of yellow stripe on head.

The face pattern is quite different to normal Teal in the fact it lacks most of the yellow stripes on the side of its head.

Bold white crescent.

Alongside normal Teal for comparison.

Other birds of note were several Bearded Tits , a couple of Cetti's Warblers calling but remaining unseen , approx 200 Teal and a similar number of Lapwings were in attendance , plus 2 Common Snipe flew over high calling .