Monday, 3 November 2014

Lapland comes to Kent ......Plus Another Quick Dash to Hampshire

Adult winter plumage Lapland Bunting .

I popped over to Swalecliffe early yesterday morning the 2nd November to see the very confiding Lapland Bunting and wow what a cracking looking bird , i think there is some debate on the age of this bird however i am pretty sure its an adult in winter plumage , the black spotting on the breast being the key id feature as i believe 1st w / juvs have streaking on the breast .

Note Black spotting on breast.

These are fantastic looking birds and i never tire of looking at them , the reddish nape and rufous  wing panel are  really stand out features , this particular bird was often flushed by dog walkers and joggers but always returned to the same area after doing a little flight call.

Reddish nape.

Rufous wing panel .

Lapland Bunting.

There were plenty of Dark Bellied Brent Geese on the tide line including some juv birds plus there were several Turnstones actively feeding by turning stones.

3 of many Turnstones.

As i made my way home i decided to try and see the Franklin's Gull that had been coming into roost at Isbley lake in Hampshire , an uneventful journey soon had me   crammed in the hide with many other birders waiting for the big event.

 I did take note of at least 3 adult Yellow Legged Gulls among the thousands of gulls and at exactly 17.02 the adult winter Franklin's Gull was picked out and thankfully i was straight onto the bird , fantastic bird to see and there was just enough light left to be able to see all the key features , this bird was my 2nd lifer of the month already.

Franklins Gull 

The Franklins Gull is in the middle at the back of the Gulls in the above photo .