Monday 30 August 2021

Melodious Warbler at Langdon Cliffs

                                         22nd August 2021 :  Langdon Cliffs 


Melodious Warbler

News of a Melodious Warbler showing well at Langdon Cliffs on Sunday morning the 22nd August was to good to resist , i soon arrived on site and found my way around to the field below the Rader station and bumped into the original finder Rich Bonser (congrats on a great find & good to meet you).

We didn't have long to wait to see this delightful bird as it showed very well whilst it was actively feeding on fly's and small bugs, here are a selection of photos :

Melodious Warbler.

After watching the Melodious Warbler for quite sometime i decided to check out the bushes to see what else was around, lot's of Common Whitethroat & 2 Lesser Whitethroat were seen as was a really cracking looking Spotted Flycatcher.

Spotted Flycatcher.

It was also great to see a Jersey Tiger Moth .

Jersey Tiger.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Wader Catch up....... Snettisham & Minsmere

                                             26th July 2021  :  Rspb Snettisham


Adult Summer Western Sandpiper.

This blog post is  a little bit out of sequence (should have been posted before last post) so apologises for that , however on the 26th July I travelled up to Snettisham  in the hope of seeing the Adult summer plumage Western Sandpiper.

The news was negative at first but the tide was still on it's way in so the hope was it would appear on high tide, Snettisham is a magical place to wader watch and the sheer amount of birds is mind boggling !!!

Wader spectacle.

After approx 2 hours the Western Sandpiper was located roosting with Dunlin, so i eventually reached the area it was seen, unfortunately the Western Sandpiper was roosting out of sight below a ridge, however by sheer luck the Western Sandpiper walked out in front of us all for a few seconds before returning to the Dunlin flock and out of sight.


As the tide went out the waders started to feed again including some stunning Sanderling, then once again the Western Sandpiper  came out to feed very close in affording really great views, here are a selection of photos ;

Western Sandpiper.

3rd August 2021  :   Rspb Minsmere

Pectoral Sandpiper & Ringed Plover.

A trip to Rspb Minsmere on the 3rd August proved to be a really great day out, we made our way around to the East scrape hide and almost straight away  the Pectoral Sandpiper was in view and although fairly distant i had great views through the scope.

Pectoral Sandpiper with Dunlin.

Whilst watching the Pectoral Sandpiper i was informed that the White rumped Sandpiper was in the same area and sure enough within a few minutes the WRS walked out past the Pectoral Sandpiper.

A cracking looking bird and once again although distant i got some great views through the scope, the WRS was spooked by a Lapwing and flew towards the back of the scrape giving  good views of it's white rump in flight.

Record shots of White rumped Sandpiper.

Both the White rumped Sandpiper & Pectoral Sandpiper remained to distant for photos all the time i was there, i did see some much closer Spotted Redshank including one in full summer plumage.

Spotted Redshank.

There wasn't huge numbers of waders here however the variety was good, i saw 14 species of wader today plus Little Gull and a good variety of Butterflies including White Admiral & Silver washed Fritillary in the woods.

White Admiral

Silver Washed Fritillary.



Monday 9 August 2021

Hoopoe at Oare Marshes & A Surprize Sooty at Dungeness NNR

                                          4th August 2021  :  Oare Marshes


Hoopoe in flight.

An early message from MW informed me he had just found a Hoopoe sitting in the distant bushes  between Dan's Dock and Uplees Copse.

So without haste i gathered up my birding gear and headed straight there , i walked west along the sea wall seeing a Green Sandpiper on route.

I reached MW & Y and was informed it had flew towards the Copse and RR was along there looking for it.

Whilst chatting we saw a superb Juvenile Cuckoo sitting out in the open on a post.

Juvenile Cuckoo.

I decided to head off past Uplees copse and join RR and as i approached i could see RR pointing, he had just seen the Hoopoe in flight again , eventually we all converged in the same area looking for the Hoopoe and as i was scanning the Hoopoe luckily flew past my view and landed in the bottom of a tree in full view !!!!!


The Hoopoe was a new bird for my Oare Marsh Bird List as this is only the 2nd record of one here (1st record was approx 15 years ago).

On the walk back we saw a superb Whinchat which was new for the year and several juv  Yellow Wagtails plus 2 Corn Buntings.

Many thanks to MW on his great find and for all the info.

7th August  2021  :  Dungeness NNR

A trip to Dungeness to do a sea watch was the order of the day and what a treat laid in store for us, we were outside the seawatch hide on the Point when i heard MC call out Sooty Shearwater  close in, however  i could not pick it up (i was looking to far out).

However the Sooty Shearwater landed on 'The Patch' amongst the Gulls and proceeded to show fantastically well all day there.

I managed some Digi scoped photos:

Sooty Shearwater.

In flight.