Tuesday 25 October 2022

Some Highlights from Shetland

                                                   MYRTLE WARBLER  at Bigton 


Myrtle Warbler 

One of the highlights of this years Shetland trip was the superb Myrtle Warbler at Bigton, this really smart looking bird showed well on occasion and all the above photos were Digi-scoped.


White's Thrush photos by Iain Johnson.

The White's Thrush at Lerwick gave us a little bit of a run around but eventually gave some fantastic views , it was great watching it do it's little side to side dance and is without doubt the bird of the trip for me.

Many thanks to Iain Johnson for letting me use his superb photos on my blog.

Siberian Stonechat ? (awaiting DNA results)

Siberian Stonechat (?)

We had some really good views of this smart Eastern Stonechat species, i understand DNA has ben collected so hopefully that will decide it's species, looks good for Siberian to me but what do i know.......Lol

Ring necked Duck    Loch of Spiggie

Ring necked Duck.

We saw the Ring necked Duck on the Loch of Spiggie on a couple of occasions and although not a rare  bird these days it was good to see it at close quarters. 

Having no camera hindered the amount photos i could get as i was only able to Digi scope, we had a great start to the week but the weather was pretty hard going most days (as you would expect up here).

Other highlights which i never managed photos of were : Hornemann's Redpoll x2, King Eider, Barred Warbler, Glaucous Gull, Yellow browed Warbler, Hawfinch & Twite  plus several more year ticks.

We had a couple of great seawatches , one of Eshaness where we saw a superb close in Sooty Shearwater amongst the 1000's of Gannets, Fulmars & Kittiwakes.

Plus we did a seawatch from Quendale Bay and saw a close in Leach's Petrel & a distant Sooty Shearwater.

Long tailed Duck

Whooper Swan & Long tailed Duck

Great northern Diver

Morning sky on Shetland.