Saturday 27 June 2020

Long eared Owl .......At Oare Marshes

                                         20th June 2020 :  Oare Marshes

Long eared Owl.

After spending a very pleasant day in East Sussex watching Common Redstart, Tree Pipit, Siskin & Crossbill among many other birds , i received a txt message  from MW (many thanks) informing me of a Long eared Owl showing near the car park at Oare marshes.

I was soon heading there and joining the already assembled local birders , the LEO had dropped down into the reed bed and only the head was visible , i had seen it and was thinking that this is a typical view of a LEO .

As you can see by the assorted photos the Long eared Owl eventually showed fantastically well out in the open , mostly snoozing but keep it's eyes & ears on it's admiring audience.

This superb bird was a new addition to my Oare Marsh bird list.

Long eared Owl

Monday 15 June 2020

Snow in June............

10th June 2020  : Walmer Kent.

Wood Mouse

I had enjoyed an afternoons birding at Stodmarsh , seeing plenty of Hobby , lots of Common Terns over the main lake & earlier in the Alder Wood a delightful Wood Mouse was very entertaining.

I made another quick stop on my way home and then news came through of a summer plumage Snow Bunting near the bandstand at Walmer nr Deal.

It was less than 30mins away , i had to go and try to see this superb plumage bird which you would only normally see in the high mountain ranges of the Cairngorms in this plumage.

We normally only get to see winter plumage birds in Kent , so of i set and i was soon enjoying some fantastic views of a  Snow Bunting.

Here are a small selection of photo's ;

Snow Bunting

I celebrated seeing this stunning bird with a bag of chips & a can of coke from the local chippy, great way to end the day !!!!