Wednesday 26 July 2023

2nd Time Lucky ..................

                             18th July 2023 : Trimingham 


2 of the 3 European Bee-eaters.

News of a Black-winged Kite seen late evening at Horsey in Norfolk on Monday 17th July had us make plans to go the following morning !!!

We made a huge error in judgment and didn't go until positive news the following morning and it proved very costly as by the time we were still about an hour away from Horsey the news came out the BWK had flown of high north and out of sight .

It was then seen flying over the Bee-eater site at Trimingham still heading north , so we parked up to decide what to do, we decided to head to Trimingham and at least hopefully see the European Bee-eaters and we would be in a good position if the BWK reappeared which unfortunately it didn't !!!

Here are a selection of photos of the superb Bee-eaters :

In flight

Lovely colours

At the burrow

Catching a Bee

3 European Bee-eaters.

20th July 2023 ;  Horsey
2nd Time Lucky

We headed back to Norfolk on 20th July, this time very early and after a frantic 20 min walk we eventually laid eyes on the fantastic ;

Black-winged Kite !!!!!

The BWK was still roosting and was constantly wing stretching and preening , although it was a little bit distant the scope views were amazing, bright red eyes, overall grey upperparts with white underparts, pale grey crown, dark black shoulder patches & primaries plus yellowish talons were all seen very well.

Black-winged Kite.

I managed a few Digi-scoped photos of no real quality as i was just to keen to watch the bird (thats my excuse anyway....).

The Black-winged Kite eventually left the roost at approx 8.05am and flew straight towards us and headed of north then turned and went south giving superb flight views.
I was once again to slow with the camera but had some great views .

I bumped into Noah, David & Tasmin (great to meet you all) and Noah managed a flight shot of the BWK which he has kindly let me use, thank you Noah. I also saw Brian Anderson , great to see you.

Black-winged Kite Photo by Noah.

On the way back to the car park a Common Crane was seen plus several more were heard.

Record shot of the Black-winged Kite.

Back at the car park we waited and checked the nearby area in case the BWK reappeared which unfortunately it didn't , i did enjoy watching an adult & juv Swallow nearby though.


The drive home was much more pleasant then on the 18th that's for sure !!!

Saturday 22 July 2023

Returning Bonaparte's Gull......... Oare Marshes

                                                     8th July 2023 : Oare Marshes 

Bonaparte's Gull.

News came through on the 6th July that the superb Bonaparte's Gull had returned to Oare Marshes for it's 11th successive year !!

I couldn't get to Oare Marshes until the following Saturday the 8th and thankfully i enjoyed prolonged views of this stunning bird in all it's superb summer plumage.

Eating a nice juicy worm.

In flight.

Bonaparte's Gull

Roosting on East Flood at High tide.

It was an enjoyable session this morning, great to bump into Rob & Thomas who put me onto a flyby Black Tern (well picked out by Thomas).

Black Tern photo by Thomas.

There wasn't many waders on the East Flood as water levels are to high at the moment, hopefully KWT will release some water soon !!!!

But i did see a superb Ruff , thanks for the info MW & RR.

Ruff on East Flood.

16th July  : Oare Marshes

Best foot forward.

Another visit to Oare Marshes on the 16th July produced more cracking views of the Bonaparte's Gull on the mud east of the slipway , great to bump into David & Noah today.

Bonaparte's Gull.

It was better weather wise today and a walk up to Dan's Dock was productive with several Dainty Damselfly's seen.

Dainty Damselfly.

The Marsh Frogs were in good voice as usual plus a couple of Grass Snakes were seen.

Marsh Frog.

Grass Snake.

Back at the East Flood we saw a rare plant and i was reliably informed it's a type of bindweed called Stonestreetii 




Wednesday 5 July 2023

Swallowtail at Bockhill Plus Trip to Godmersham

                                                      15th June :   Bockhill Farm



It's been pretty quiet on the birding front for me over the last couple of weeks however i paid a visit to Bockhill Farm to see the Swallowtail that had been seen there recently.

Here are a selection of photos i took :


There were at least 2 Swallowtail's around and i was told they were apparently seen flying in of the sea.

24th June ;  Godmersham 

Death's Head Hawkmoth.

News of a Death's Head Hawkmoth on show in Godmersham had me heading there after a morning patch watching at Oare Marshes.

I called around to Andre Farrar's house and he very kindly showed me this amazing looking moth, 

Also in Andre's garden was a Spotted Flycatcher, Firecrest & a Red Kite drifted over very low.

Many thanks for your hospitality Andre.

Banded Damselfly

I also called into Godmersham village and had a look over the river and saw this delightful Banded Damselfly.

I then had a walk through the village and saw 2 more Spotted Flycatchers

    Spotted Flycatcher