Tuesday 29 November 2022

Great Grey Shrike at Hothfield Common

                                          26th November : Hothfield Common


Great Grey Shrike.

On Saturday 26th November a trip to Hothfield Common was very successful , i have never been to this site before so many thanks to Neil Burt for site info.

We eventually found the area that the Great Grey Shrike visits on it's quite wide ranging circuit and after a short wait we were treated to some excellent views of this superb bird.

Great Grey Shrike.

The Great Grey Shrike remained low down for some of the time before flying up high onto an Oak tree.

Great Grey Shrike.

Other birds seen & heard were Siskin , Lesser Redpoll , Yellowhammer & 2 Dartford Warblers.

Monday 14 November 2022

Sabine's Gull & Red Rumped Swallow in Kent

                                           4th November  2022  : Port Lympne  


Sabine's Gull.

News of a Sabine's Gull showing well at Port Lympne filtered through on twitter on the 3rd November (many thanks to Peter Coleman for putting the news out & info of where to park).

I had the opportunity to have a look for myself on the 4th November and wow what a view it was !!!  I have seen many Sabine's Gulls since i have been birding but never one as approachable & close as this one .

The Sabine's Gull came so close it was difficult to get a photograph of it, all my photo's are Digi-scoped .


Sabine's Gull.

8th & 10th November  2022 : Palm Bay Forness.

Red Rumped Swallow Photo by Jonathan Boyce Leigh

Great views of  2  Red Rumped Swallows & 3 House Martins flying over and around the Cliff's at Palm bay on the 8th & 10th November was a real bonus , they were seen more over the houses on the 10th but we heard the flight call of  one of the Red Rumped Swallows  on the 10th.

Red Rumped Swallow Photo by Jonathan Boyce Leigh.

Many thanks to Jonathan Boyce Leigh for the use of his great photos of the Red Rumped Swallows.

We also saw a very confiding Snow Bunting & a smart Dartford Warbler along the cliff top plus a Black Redstart showed well near the Beach cafe.