Monday 5 April 2010

Shellness.... .. Isle of Sheppey !!!

Having been quite unwell this past week and over easter all my plans for birding trips were out of the window , so feeling rather down and bored to death with not getting out things were looking kind of poor , then news of a female Kentish Plover on Sheppey came to my attention , should i go and risk my health even further or should i except that i will do no birding until next weekend at the earliest ????

Well Sunday came around and although still not 100 % right i was feeling abit better and what's more the Kentish was still lingering at Shellnesss , that's all the temptation i needed , so of i set and before long i was driving down the track that leads you to a car park just before Shellness , now anyone who has ever been there knows how rough that track is , my god it was like driving through the Serengeti !!!! 

Sorry got abit carried away there ( some people would think that would be a good idea ! ) anyhow once on site i headed towards the blockhouse and soon located a small party of 6 Ringed Plovers and a scattering of Dunlin and also a very smart looking female KENTISH PLOVER , they are very distinctive waders , incomplete breast band , blackish legs , very pale in appearance compared to the Ringed that were present , quite a dumpy looking wader large headed which was also quite pale in appearance , a really good bird to add to my year list and also it was a patch tick .