Sunday 5 September 2010

Double Dip ..... and Year tick

Barred warbler.

Well i decided very late Friday night to head off to Flamborough for the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler and after approx 5 hours driving arrived on site just as it was getting light , well the news was negative and after 5 more hours waiting for this elusive Warbler to show i finally gave up and accepted this as a rather disappointing dip.

Then news then broke of a Barred Warbler and Common Rosefinch at the nearby golf course so of i set and within minutes i was adding Barred warbler to my year list , it was rather skulking in some small bushes at the top of the hill but then popped out in full few , these are splendid warblers very bulky large billed birds , the above picture is not one of the Barred Warbler i saw at Flamborough but of one i saw on Scilly a few years ago but it was in the same plumage as Flamborough .

My second dip of the day was the Common Rosefinch it had flew just before i got there which was a real shame but hey that's birding .

I paid a visit to my local patch today ( Sunday ) Oare marshes , and bumped into the Ruddy Shelduck , which i know will never be accepted as a " real bird " but took some pictures anyway :

My real reason to visit Oare was to try and catch up with Curlew Sandpiper but yet again i had no luck with them , still i had a good view of a Peregrine as it flew over the east flood plus good numbers of Golden Plover , Black Tailed Godwit and Ruff .

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  1. Unlucky with the Eastern Olly, at least you've been seeing some other decent birds recently




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