Sunday 11 December 2011

60 UP............... Norfolk Stars Again

Lapwings .

I set off early on Saturday 10th December my destination was Cley Marshes  in the hope of seeing the Western Sandpiper , i arrived in good time just as the pager informed me that it was still there showing from Pats Pool , great i parked up and headed to Pats pool , i got into the first hide No birders , went to the second hide and instantly realized i would be looking into Sun , and there was only one birder in this hide and by which time i had a small following of birders behind me , the guy said " its showing from the hide over the other side of the pool , so without haste i ended up in my third hide in about 10 minutes , Phew !!!!  

 Within a minute or two i was straight onto the first winter Western Sandpiper   ,  it was with a small flock of Dunlin , now i am no expert on " Peeps " but the features i did notice were the following : the rather long thin bill was evident ,as were the  white breast patches , the lore's were white and there is a small whitish super behind the eye , rather long legged , the crowned appeared faintly streaked , the overall profile reminded me of a very small Dunlin,  and is a very welcome lifer which brings my wader list in the UK to 60 .

  I watched it for a short while when  all of a sudden a Peregrine flew through flushing everything into the air , although most of the birds settled back again the majority of small waders flew off to safer grounds and i didn't see the Western Sandpiper again in next 3 hours i spent there , however it did re appear later in the afternoon when i was on my way back home .

Green Winged Teal.

I did see this Green Winged Teal which was quite distant but showed well through the scope and was a welcome year tick  .

Green Winged and Eurasian Teal .

There were very good numbers of Golden Plovers I made a count of 500 + and there were an equal number of Lapwings ( see top photo ) , there were lesser numbers of Black Tailed Godwit , Redshank  and Avocet  where i counted 16 birds , i did not have long here as i had to get back home as i had other arrangements in the evening however i had a good time with lots to look at , i did see a female Marsh Harrier on one of the banks.

Marsh Harrier.

And i also had very close views of this fine male Pintail which is one of my favourite ducks.

Male Pintail.

And then it was time to head home. 


  1. Nice one Rob!
    Well done on getting the Green-winged Teal, a bird I missed when I went for the Western Peep!
    Nice photos of the Pintail drake, a stunning bird!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  2. Thanks Steve , it would have been great to have gotten a photo of it .

    Thanks John i was really pleased with Pintail.

    Thanks Mark i was lucky really lucky it came so close .

  3. Another good trip Rob, I was thinking of doing the trip myself, quality birds all round :-)

  4. Hi Thanks Alan if you get the chance its well worth going , wish i could have spent longer there , just love wildness of Norfolk and of course quality birding as well.


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