Saturday 19 April 2014

Just a Bit of Fun Quiz Week 38 answer plus new " Mystery Bird "

Male Pheasent in Dorset.

Last weeks " Mystery Bird " was indeed a male Pheasant which i saw in Dorset whilst i was on a twitch , this proved quite hard with quite a few wrong answers this week , however a very big well done to the correct entries who were : Ellis Lucas , Mark L, Mark Lewis , Ben M and Martyn Wilson ( well done in finding the Bluethroat & Spotted Crake at  Grove Ferry this week ) .

Unlucky to those with the wrong answer , great try and many thanks to everyone who had ago . 

Here is this weeks " Mystery Bird " you get a bonus point if you can not only name the species but give the correct number in the picture .

Mystery Birds ???? 

If you fancy ago just leave your answer in the comments or DM on twitter @RobsBirding , i will reveal the correct answer and entries next weekend , Good Luck .