Sunday 29 March 2015

Swift Alpine Swift Twitch ....... In Crawley

Alpine Swift in Crawley.

As the title of this blog post says , it was a a very rewarding twitch to Crawley this morning , i  arrived at the site in Crawley at approx 6.45am in the anticipated hope of seeing the Alpine Swift come out of it's roost .

Flying low around the trees.

Well after over 3 hours there was no sign of my target bird and the weather had deteriorated so i decided to head for home , well approx half hour into my journey home  news broke . the Alpine Swift  is back !! " well a swift turn around and i was soon back on site and enjoyed some close overhead views of this wonderful Alpine Swift , this was a very welcome year tick for me .

White throat patch and belly.

Long winged .

Really enjoyed watching this bird and also great to meet up with some familiar faces .

The Alpine Swift eventually went back to roost and i could only manage  a brief look as it was on private land .

Record shot of the Alpine Swift roosting.


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