Thursday 23 April 2015

New bird for my Oare Marshes list

Male Bearded Tit.

I met up with Chiddy again this morning at approx 11am at Oare Marshes with the hope of seeing the Ring Ouzel's that have been seen on & off in the paddocks over the last 8 days , on my way into the reserve i had a brief view of a Yellow Wagtail on the wires just before the cottages which was a welcome year tick .

I met up with Chiddy and after a brief look over the East flood where we added Avocet & Black Tailed Godwit we continued our walk to the West flood to look over the paddocks , and after approx 45 mins Chiddy re found  the female Ring Ouzel which is a new bird for my Oare Marshes patch list ,  many thanks to Murray . W. for his information on these birds , very much appreciated.

Bearded Tit.

We had a look from the West flood hide which was fairly quite other then a superb Little Grebe in full summer plumage plus there were several Med Gulls in and around the flood , we also added at least 5 Swallows from here.

On our way back to the car park we checked out the East flood again this time adding a single Common Tern roosting on the island with the Godwits plus the pair of Garganey were still busy feeding in the SE corner of the flood .

There were 2 male and 1 female Bearded Tit showing well close to the road although i never got a clear enough view for a clear photo .

Male Bearded Tit.

There was also several Sedge Warblers near to the road including this showy bird.

Sedge Warbler with food.

Sedge Warbler.

Another scan over the flood produced another Yellow Wagtail plus several Grey Herons & Little Egrets were flying around and a distant female Marsh Harrier put in a brief appearance.

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