Monday 11 May 2015

From " Purring " Turtle Doves to Citril Finch & Dotterel in Norfolk

Male Citril Finch.

I popped over to Grove Ferry yesterday morning 10th May in the hope of hearing / seeing Grasshopper Warbler & Turtle Dove , i was checking out the paddocks and heard at least two Turtle Doves doing their characteristic " Purring " call however despite my best efforts i could not see any and i also drew a blank on the Grasshopper Warbler , whilst waiting for a Turtle Dove to give me at least a glimpse my phone peeped with the MEGA alert !!!

Wow what has been found  ?  and i see : CITRIL FINCH at Holkham pines Norfolk ,  so after my headless chicken display , i am going on my own as my  birding mate Richard who i go twitching with was in France .

Citril Finch.

A quick drive home to sort one or to things out and check RBA just to get exact directions and up to date news on the bird and i was off , sat nav telling me 3 hours 20 mins to site , i saw a lovely adult Med Gull flying over the M2 near Medway services , and i was soon on my way , i arrived at Lady Anns Drive in good time  , i had my usual trouble working out how to use the Parking machine ( Why are they so complicated ???? ........or is it just me  ).

Grey nape & lovely lime green face.

The news services were saying it is a 1.5 mile walk to the hallowed ground , felt like more than that to me , anyhow i arrived approx 15 mins after leaving my car , other birders had been watching  it for about 10 mins feeding on the ground before i got there , just as i arrive it flies over me , i see the  wing pattern but can i really count it on a 20 second flight view ??

Feeding on the ground.

Fortunately after approx 40 mins the Citril Finch flies back in and around us all calling and then lands in a tree and i get a full scope view of this delightful bird , pressure is off and my conscience is clear ...Phew !! the Citril Finch then flew to the ground and some really great views were obtained as this 2nd for Britain was unblocked.

Bright yellow rump.

After watching this cracking bird  i went to Choseley to see the Dotterel , although they were distant and with a horrendous heat haze they were still great to see , i had 9 birds in flight plus a further 13 birds on the ground , here is a  digi scope photo of two of them. 

Record shot of two Dotterel.

Really enjoyable birding adventure , returning home at 9pm absolutely tired out.


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